Monday, February 18, 2008


This pendant is made from ceramic and lampwork glass, reverse painted with vitreous enamel and fused. It is finished with a Hill tribe silver drop bead.

If I close my eyes I can imagine a garden. It is lush and green with the smell of damp morning earth. The flowers are opening to the warmth of the sun. The fragrant air moves quietly with the whisper of butterflies and honey bees. Birds begin to sing in the distance as the sun reaches down to warm my face...

OK Now it's back to reality. SORRY!

I've been tagged by Melissa Lee!
(Melissa Lee makes wonderful pendants & beads from precious metal clay. Check out her ETSY store.)
I'm "IT"
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SEVEN Random Factiods about myself:

#1. Strangers have asked me if I have ever "been in cartoons?" when they hear me speak.

#2. My diet consists mainly of foods that begin with the letter "C"; coffee, cookies, cereal, chocolate & carrots.

#3. I have a large collection of bakelite bracelets.

#4. I have a spinning wheel & I am currently spinning fleece from a chocolate brown alpaca named "Ted E Bear" who lives near Mesick Michigan.

#5. Ok I'm having a hard time thinking of anything else interesting about myself. Hmmmmm...
Alright- Someday I am going to write a novel.

#6. I like to take naps every chance I get.

#7. I am going to open an ETSY store by March 1st. (I just made that up right now. So I guess that means I have to do it!)

Now who to TAG? Hmmmmm.....

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OK GALS Now you are it!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Baby its Cold Outside

Here we go, another cold, cold winter. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I think animals that hibernate have the right idea. Fatten up & go to bed for 3 months. Its a good plan. Wake me up when its over.