Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I See Pips!


                                                                          Yay! It is spring.

 For reals. 
 There is something so life affirming hearing the birds chatter after the silence of winter.  Winter is  a lot like depression, when you are in the middle of it, you feel like it will never come to an end. 
I walk outside and I  see pips!  It's not like seeing dead people or Gladys Knight. Don't worry I'm not hallucinating this time.  They are little and green and poke out of the ground. They look  strong and serious on a mission like nothing can stop them. They will grow damn it! And don't get in their way.

  pip: 3. A rootstock of certain flowering plants, especially the lily of the valley

There are pips, there are buds even some flowers are brave enough to bloom.
You feel  a magic about the newness of everything even if you have seen it for the last 40-some  years. Even cleaning up the remains of winter dog poop in the yard has a merry quality to it.
I admit I may be exaggerating a little on the poop thing.


But as  the character of  sunlight changes from winter to the shimmer of spring something happens to people. It becomes easier to be hopeful and burdens feel lighter.The fertile energy of the earth makes me want to celebrate. I cant stop all the creative ideas that are popping up in my head. Sort of like my own little brain pips.
Happy Spring Everybody!