Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig

Ok this is really lipstick on a Boston Terrier. He tried to lick it off as fast as I applied it. I couldn't help myself. So call the aspca on me I don't care! 
I f people want to get upset about things cosmetics like on domestic animals they must have already figured out all the big problems like how we are going to pay for 1oo more years in Iraq & nuclear war with Russia. Or maybe lipstick on a pig (or a Boston Terrier) is a much bigger problem then I know about. 

Speaking of cosmetics on domestic animals:

Kirby the Boston Terrier in question is due for surgery on Monday Sept 15 to remove a mast cell tumor. Please keep good thoughts for his recovery.
I will be posting a number of new items in my etsy shop this week to help with my credit card's recovery. 


Monday, September 01, 2008

Summers End

Its Labor Day and so it signals the end of summer. My daughter goes back to school tomorrow and its time to put away your white shoes.
I was taking pictures of my sunflowers and didn't even notice the honey bee busy gathering pollen right in front of me.  No doubt he was too occupied with his task to notice me either. Bees are the perfect symbol for hard work and efficiency.
As the season draws to a close I am like that bee, busy with my tasks too busy to stop & notice things  right in front of me.
I think some of us are born pre-programmed to do certain tasks. For bees its make honey for artists its to create. I only wish I could be as efficient as the tiny insect.