Monday, September 19, 2011

Beady Left Overs! Meatloaf Monday

 As I mentioned in my previous post, my fab partner Jen Judd sent enough beads to make a few projects.  This one is really different from what I usually do, but I am very pleased by the way it turned out.
First there was this funky but beautiful amethyst colored crystal round flat  faceted piece. It reminded me of all the cool vintage rhinestone pins I used to collect. Next there was the clasp Jen sent. It was so delicate and natural that I had to feature it as part of the focus. Next there were all the pearls in shades of plum and violet. They were the perfect adornment.
I made this a few times and took it apart as many, until the simplicity of it just presented itself.
I used a "silver silk" knitted copper strand & doubled it for the chain.  Its about 18", light and sparkly.
I hope you enjoy this left over dish and have room for one more tomorrow.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Soup is Ready!

Taa daaa! Soup is ready and just in time for breakfast . In other words its 2 AM on reveal day & I am finished.
I didn't think I was going to get done at all. It has been one of those days. But I pushed through like a beady super hero. 
I overcame the fact that my studio was disassembled this morning and is in random boxes all over my house. It's a long story involving a friend a table and a fire, but that's something I'll save for later. It was bad planning on my part, but things happen when they happen. 
So without further ado, here is the soup!
I had the most splendid ingredients from my partner Jen Judd, so fresh and sweet.
First I separated the ingredients into 3 parts. 
I saw 3 complete meals in this assortment.
The elegant and simple glass focal bead by Donna Millard just knocked my socks off. I was immediately excited by the possibilities. I picked the beads that best complimented it and began my plan.
Well, nothing ever goes as planned. Not for me anyway! I had hidden most of my beading wire and tools in one of the random boxes that was formally know as my studio.
While I panicked and started tearing through things  in boxes  I pulled out my recycled sari silk ribbon. Of course I had to stop and be distracted by its silky beauty  and it occurred to me that this sari silk was just what the soup needed. So, plan B was born.

I loved the way the silk grounded the entire design and the gold shimmer pulled together the purples and greens of the beads.  It's that organic feeling that I was looking for.   

But what to do with the left overs?
Jen sent me such a generous assortment of beads that I was inspired to make 2 more projects.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, it might bead   meatloaf monday or maybe bead  tuna casserole tuesday.
I have two more projects up my sleeve and will reveal them in the week ahead. 
So save room & don't fill up on sweets.

Please check put the other fabulous soups on these blogs  here.

bon appetit!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

stuff in your soup

I am in a better mood so I will show you what my bead soup that Jen Judd sent me  really looks like.

Its funny how you think you know what you want but  you really don't always know whats good for you. The things that you want don't always stretch you or make you grow. Sometimes the stuff that lands in your head or in your soup looks weird but tastes delicious. (Really don't eat anything that has landed on your head, or in your soup. I can't be responsible.)  I have learned that a lot lately.

But this is about my bead soup. Which is sort of about what you want and what you don't want? I was literally overwhelmed by the goodies Jen  sent me. In particular the focal bead.  It is fabulous. How could I not be inspired? And some of the other fabulous beads  that went with it were like  JACKPOT!~! I was excited the moment I saw them. Some of the beads however made me stop and think What the hell was I going to do with them.  Half the beads were in my comfort zone, but half of them were not!  It's the same feeling you get when you get half way finished with the easy part of a jigsaw puzzle and the pieces that are left  sitting on the table just make your head spin.
But sometimes stepping back and looking away can do wonders.  The other half of the puzzle showed itself when I wasn't expecting it. It all came together in my head. And now I think I am more excited by the beads that were the extra puzzle pieces.  I can see how they fit. Now I just have to  put it together.
The bead soup reveal is coming!  Sept 17! oh crap, thats this Saturday. I better get busy!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

letting go

Look at this.
I know you are not as impressed by this as I am myself.

But thats OK. I am used to people generally not being as impressed with me as I am myself.

But I want to point out something. It's important and momentous. Yes, both of those big words. I got rid of things. I was even completely sober at the time. 
There is, what is referred to in some homes and studios as,  "Empty space".  No shit. 

You may be asking yourself "Why?" You may not even care.  I am not fooling myself. I know that you are really not that in to me.  But I will tell what happened.  Its called "Letting go".
There comes a point in your life where you are weighed down with things you really don't need. Maybe you never really needed them, but you held on "just in case".  This goes for some relationships too. Sometimes you realize how much freer you are without all those things. 
Maybe you come to this conclusion on your own. Maybe you realize it after watching a hoarders  marathon. Or maybe people and relationships that you had suddenly turn upside down and you have to face the fact that you really don't need them after all and you will feel free and strong when you see them sitting by the curb waiting for the trash man to come.   You may even laugh when the pickers get there before the trash man and see what you have thrown out and they have a look on their face like WTF? Yep not even the pickers want it. They have no idea what it is and why you had it to begin with.

It turns out I will be sharing studio space with my husband again.  He used to do a lot of his work at the local college, but things change and it becomes time to let go of things  and situations that are dragging you down. Kick them to the curb.  We are both letting go of shit we don't need. It feels freeing. I am almost giddy.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Magic Beads

Andrew Thornton used my magic bead in his August Readers Challenge.  I really like how the word "magic" inspired the designs. 
I respect words and the power that they have and I embrace the idea that jewelry has  the ability to transform the psyche of the wearer like Wonder Woman and her bracelets ready to explode into action. 
While my beads don't actually blow people up with lasers, they inspire people to make wonderful things and that is just as cool.
Check it out!