Sunday, September 11, 2011

letting go

Look at this.
I know you are not as impressed by this as I am myself.

But thats OK. I am used to people generally not being as impressed with me as I am myself.

But I want to point out something. It's important and momentous. Yes, both of those big words. I got rid of things. I was even completely sober at the time. 
There is, what is referred to in some homes and studios as,  "Empty space".  No shit. 

You may be asking yourself "Why?" You may not even care.  I am not fooling myself. I know that you are really not that in to me.  But I will tell what happened.  Its called "Letting go".
There comes a point in your life where you are weighed down with things you really don't need. Maybe you never really needed them, but you held on "just in case".  This goes for some relationships too. Sometimes you realize how much freer you are without all those things. 
Maybe you come to this conclusion on your own. Maybe you realize it after watching a hoarders  marathon. Or maybe people and relationships that you had suddenly turn upside down and you have to face the fact that you really don't need them after all and you will feel free and strong when you see them sitting by the curb waiting for the trash man to come.   You may even laugh when the pickers get there before the trash man and see what you have thrown out and they have a look on their face like WTF? Yep not even the pickers want it. They have no idea what it is and why you had it to begin with.

It turns out I will be sharing studio space with my husband again.  He used to do a lot of his work at the local college, but things change and it becomes time to let go of things  and situations that are dragging you down. Kick them to the curb.  We are both letting go of shit we don't need. It feels freeing. I am almost giddy.


  1. Yeah!! i'm doing this as well ..what is this stuff we keep anyway? congratulations

  2. I am ALWAYS impressed by an empty space, I know how precious they are. It's gotten to the point I can hardly watch Hoarders because I hate to hear them say the same things about their stuff that I say about mine!

  3. Here's to new beginnings, clean slates, and a couple of empty shelves!

  4. Woohoo! I am on a similar quest. I have been giving things away, freeing up space, moving on. It does feel good. Good for you. (And yes, you are very interesting and we wouldn't be here if we weren't 'into' you, Miss Diane!;-)
    Enjoy the day!