Friday, November 29, 2013

On  Nov 11, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines.  I have no idea how many people were displaced, how many died. I saw the photos of of neighborhoods that were turned into a chaos of debris.  I saw photos of parents holding lifeless bodies of their children.  There was so much misery and anguish  in those photos that  I cannot begin to imagine. I am privileged to her able to help inn some small way. 

 Andrew Thornton has organized a silent auction blog hop to benefit the victims of the recent disaster in the Philippines. There are countless people there, young and old, without food, clothing, or shelter.  I am donating this group of 3 houses  to help raise money for the people who have been effected by this disaster.  The proceeds raised will be sent to a relief organization, CARE. 

These houses are made of white stoneware, glazed and fired to cone 6. The largest one of these is 5" tall. 

All bidders should post their bids in the comment section.  The auction will run until midnight on Thursday, Dec 5th.  The winner will be announced on Friday, Dec 6th.  I am providing shipping free of charge via USPS, first class with tracking, as soon as payment is received from the winner.  Payment will be through Paypal.  I will contact the winner directly once the auction closes.

The following artists are also participating in this auction event.  
Please see what they have offered and bid generously. 

For more information about CARE and Typhoon Haiyan: