Friday, January 21, 2011

Desk Disaster Friday

Ok people it's time to get naked. I have seen your your neat little piles of beads and such that are on your desk . I have seen your Bead Table Wednesday and I laugh.
Ha ha. I laugh at your messes. You are all amateurs. Your messes cannot even compete with mine.
So I dare you. I DOUBLE DARE you . Show me your Desk Disasters. Are you brave enough? are you messed up enough? are you also in a state of chronic disorganization?

Did you know there is a clinical name for it? Its called CD (chronic disorganization). Its a syndrome. I'm not making this shit up. You can Google it.

So if you are willing to play along with me I will post the condition of my desk every Friday and I vow to get on top of this disaster and conquer it.

I know I am not the only one out there. Especially when it comes to our creative spaces.
The rest of my house does not look like this. Its not up to Martha Stewart standers, but it is generally not a fucking disaster either, but when it come to my creative space, it looks like my mind had exploded in 3-D.

Come on admit I know some of you are just like me. Lets post our disasters and lets see if we and find a way to tame the beast.

Who wants to play?


  1. LOL okay okay, i DO tidy up a bit before photos. your post is a riot

  2. Me! Pick me! I will play along. That is, assuming that I can find my camera in my disaster! The fact that there is a name for my condition (chronic disorganization? Who knew?) just seals the deal. (Can I get worker's comp for my CD? I'm just sayin'... ;-)

    Is there a flickr group? My goal today is to go to the University surplus store, only open from 1-5 and see if they have a nice desk that wants to come home with me so that I can tame my CD! And if that fails there is always chocolate and a nice bottle of merlot in my future.

    Enjoy the day!

  3. I will start a flicker group. I'll post the link.

  4. Dang it! I just "cleaned" my desk this AM-- sort of I had lost a few bills and my Rings-and-things goodie pack in there and I was being reminded to find them. Should have looked at this and taken a picture first!

  5. LoL..i have that condition..the remedy for me might be in having another table that was just for jewelry projects..and while most of my space(all) looks similar to yours...i dream about being perfectly organized

  6. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I'm not going to lie, a small child could get lost in my creation station. It's that bad.

  7. You are absolutely hilarious!

    My table would have looked like yours three weeks ago. But I had to clean it or we would never have found the damned cat.

  8. haha - OK, OK - Holy crap - you definitely win the prize. Thanks for being real. Now I don't feel so bad about my disasterous piles.

  9. The tomato box is a nice touch! Seriously, I think without that box my studio would be hard to tell apart from yours. Flickr group! Studios gone wrong and self help/group therapy, price of admission? Only your unabashed honesty of what it's really like to be one of 'us.'

  10. I was just complimented on my 'tidy' Bead Table after my BTW post, but really I just took a super tight shot of the tray. I had put it on the table to do a little work & it was FULL! I have always said my house is a few layers away from an episode of Hoarders(w/o the dead animals & piles of stuff on the floor) Count me in!

  11. Diane, this is really funny! I love it!

  12. It's on like Donkey Kong girlfriend! Maybe the shame of it will turn me around! I don't think Fly Lady can help me!

  13. We have a FLICKR group!
    Its official we are a movement!

  14. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Diane! Chris Fisher here! I don't have a mess right now, but as soon as it builds up again, I'm on it! lol

    Did you see we're having the Bead and jewelry show again here in Cadillac? You should apply! It's inexpensive and we get to see you! <3

    We also have a Facebook Page, so come and "like" us!!/group.php?gid=104289572948545

    Hope you can come and play!

  15. You've met your match with me, Diane! I'll take that double, triple dare and raise you! LOL! I got a mess like you wouldn't believe and because it's messy everyone in my family thinks they can just dump their crap on top of it! It's a losing battle, no one really wants me to clean it up - so I need real help! Hmmm chronic disorganization - is it part of ADD? I swear I must have it.

    I'm in like Flynn! Bring it! :-)

  16. I am so glad I am not alone. All those of you that think buying a new desk/ storage solution is the answer are deluding themselves. It is just another surface to fill with clutter and that clutter will come from out of nowhere to fill the space provided. It's a law of nature or something.

  17. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I just found this post and had to laugh out loud. This is s-o-o-o me! I'm off to check your flickr group!