Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things Change

Well is suddenly turned cold and wet. I don't know why this always comes as a shock to me. Fall happens every year with regularity.
It happens to be a wonderful season here in Michigan with the beautiful colors. Somehow they always surprise me too with their generosity of golds and crimsons.

I have been thinking about change lately. Its not always easy to embrace the changes you don't plan, but like the seasons they give way to wondrous things.

I have changed some of my sculptural works, specifically my dolls
Here is a link to the process at Watch Me Create

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waiting for something to happen

Fall is here with change all around me, yet I am feeling stuck.  
For the second time in 3 weeks my laptop  is in for repair. There are things I need to do like list a ton of things on Etsy, but it takes time and a computer. Right now I am sharing a computer with my husband & daughter. It  is not an ideal situation & I am hoping my mac book will be home soon.
Yes, its worth it to  buy the Apple Care extended warranty. The  hard drive died 1 week after the original warranty expired. They replaced the hard drive &  just as I started to reorganize my life the screen went blank and it died again. I am very sad, very sad. 
And for the second time in as many weeks I feel like crap again with another nasty respiratory bug. 
I hate to complain, but I feel frustrated and stifled right now. There are things I want to do. 
I will end with a public service announcement: Please back up your files before something goes terribly wrong. Yep i learned the hard way.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

The end of summer and the celebration of labor. Time to put away your white shoes and get down to business before the chill of winter sets in.
I am reminded of the story of the grasshopper and the ants.
I also think about my labor. My life is centered around my labor. Like the ants, i know all too well that if I don't work, I don't eat.
My labor from my hands. Everything I do from my own hands. I think about my fathers hands, gnarled from arthritis like some kind of knotty tree branch. He labored hard and worked himself to death by the age of 67. I got a strong work ethic from him but also an awareness of the inequities and injustices of life. I heard him say once that if hard work made you rich we'd all be millionaires.
I am luckier then my father, my work is also my passion and the reason I feel alive.
So today I celebrate the labor of hands the things that are touched and shaped by people, mostly nameless, mostly poor and mostly hard working. Always aware that winter is coming.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sign up for class

I'm teaching my art journaling class again starting Sept 14. Contact Royal Oak Schools Continuing Education for registration info: 248-588-5050.

Where there is smoke...

I have to catch up on a lot of work. Last week was one of those "if it could go wrong- it does" weeks.
A brief run down:
1) transformer blows
2) power surge
3) brown out
4) smoking lights in bathroom
5) 2 fire engines, 8 firemen
6) fried hard drive
7) wiped out computer
8) defective seat on rental van
9) wrong adhesives used on work
10) 3 days of rain
11) respiratory infection wipes me out
I think thats everything.
On a positive note: Chicago is a great place to visit & The Bucktown Arts Fest was a great time.
I'll post about that a little later. Now I have to get back all the info I lost on my laptop. Yes it does pay to get the extended warranty. This happened 2 days past the first warranty had expired. I'm glad i had purchased the extended warranty the week prior to it.
Now if I could only be a good girl and remember to back up my files...