Friday, July 22, 2011

Yes, it's my brain and yes, I know it's melting

Ok its been like 100 degrees here, and when I say like 100, I mean its like 100 with a heat index of hell.
It started out hot and miserable during my set up. It was so hot and miserable my misery made the news . Seriously.
I am trying to remember to smile. Its hot and I am past cranky. I have to explain the concept of "beads" to every other person who comes in to my booth.
Bead: –noun
a small, usually round object of glass, wood, stone, or the like with a hole through it, often strung
with others of its kind in necklaces, rosaries, etc.
Yes, Yes, I make all this. They are beads.
People at art fairs often don't even know why they are there themselves, unlike bead shows where you can presume they are there because of a knowledge of and an interest in beads. Yes I actually did have to explain to a woman "how it worked", not once, but about a dozen times. Each time she held a bead in her hand it was like a mystery. "So, how would this one work?"
"Ummmm pretty much like the last 6 you asked about. Its has a hole, you put a string through it"
God is punishing me for being mean.
I am ready to shout "NOTHEYARENOTFUCKINGPAINTEDROCKS" but I refrain. It is too hot to shout. I croak it under my breath as they walk out of the booth.
I am almost thankful that the crowds are small, as my patience is growing smaller with every rise of the thermometer. Parts of my anatomy are surprising me with their sweating proficiency. Who knew?

My charming assistant.

I take comfort knowing that there is only 2 more days left. I may have to hurt someone if I stay in this heat any longer.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OMG time to make some art shit

This morning the realization hit me that the Ann Arbor Summer is just a week away.
I am still finishing up on my Bead and Button orders and I haven't really thought about making more work for Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair until NOW.
I have some pieces started that I can complete, but other then that I need new work.
I am slightly panicked tonight. OK a little more then slightly panicked. I can't find my wine opener thingie which has added fuel to the panic fire. (You didn't know I was fancy enough to drink wine with actual corks, did you?)
Deadlines are funny things. I hate them yet at the same time I wonder if I would ever finish anything without them. My creative urges move at their own pace, sort of like a lazy cat that might leap up and chase a dust fairy that only it can see at a moments notice.
Its times like these when I really a personal assistant to keep me on track by doing all the stupid things life requires like banking, organizing, cooking, cleaning, feeding the dogs, doing the laundry, etc. etc..... mmmm come to think of it I really need a wife. Would anyone like to marry me? I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind, and don't worry you don't have to participate in a three-some- or a two-some or even a one-some. You will be too tired for sex. I totally understand.
If you'd like to meet me before committing to marriage, you can come see me at the summer fair. I'll be in booth 194 on Main St, in front of Palios Restaurant
If you bring me an iced coffee I might even let you get to first base.

The Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair

July 20 - 23, 2011

Wednesday - Friday, 10 am - 9 pm

Saturday, 10 am - 6pm