Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Muddy Sunday

The truth is the garden is a mess. it has been HOT for too long here and things are either overgrown or thin and crispy. There is no in between. To make matters worse, I have not had more then a few moments to even survey the damage. I am working to get ready for two shows in the next 2 weeks. Bead fest in Philly and Bucktown in Chicago. To complicate matters even further, the Bucktown is going to be showing my sculptural work, not beads and jewelry. I have to completely switch gears in the middle of this mess.
I have not had the time to stop and and appreciate the beauty of summer. It feels like it might be over with before I get to slow down. I wish I could find the same beauty in the endless grey days of winter when it seems I have all the time in the world.
For now, its back to work for me. Time to figure out what I am sending ahead by mail and what I am taking on the plane to Philly.