Sunday, May 22, 2011

do over challenge

Last month I got a strange package in the mail. I get small packages delivered to my home all the time, things I buy for beading, other supplies, etc., so when I opened this package I don't remember what I was expecting, but it wasn't this PINK and (I'm sorry Jeannie) rather hideous necklace and earrings set.

I was perplexed and slightly flummoxed. ( I have been waiting for a chance to use that word.)
I was thinking this was a gift from some strange beady internet stalker and then I got the brilliant idea to read the note in the envelope. Yes! that was a real stroke of brilliance on my part.
It had slipped my mind that I was participating in THE DO-OVER CHALLENGE

Well I can say this necklace real needed a d0 over- but WHAT to do?
It was sooooooo PINK. Not a lot to work with. Not my color scheme, not my style at all.
I quickly put it back in the envelope and refused to think about it until this week.
Well they call it a challenge for a reason.
But now my camera is acting funky & I can't get my photos off it this morning.
My husband will be home later tonight with the other camera & I will have to wait till then to reveal my Do-Over creation. So tonight when you are watching Celebrity Apprentice and waiting for when the Donald provides the birth certificate for the yellow thing on his head - remember to check back here & see what I came up with- technology willing-

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Time flies when your head explodes

Its been a month since my last post. I have been busy. Darting around seemingly in circles and sometimes crashing , sort of like a balloon when you let the air out, (except with out the loud fart noise.)
Its spring and along with allergies, all the shows are starting to pop in place on my calendar.
I have been trying to figure out new display for Bead and Button, fill orders, stock my easy and website, and not doing a very effective job of any of it.
It didn't use to be so hard, back in the day before I was a mom. Now I need to save all my useful braincells to raise a tween child. Any left over braincells go to managing my other tasks.
I really need a personal assistant, or a housekeeper, or a nanny or a chef or something to help me manage my life better, cause I am doing a fairly messy job of it on my own.
I don't know, maybe I just need more coffee. Yeah, thats the ticket. & No, those are not supercool beads, they are Easter eggs colored with onion skin and leaves from the garden. OK, I did think about stringing them up, but my daughter wanted egg salad for lunch.