Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's been ages since my last blog update.  I feel bad about that, but I have a good excuse.  Yah, I can always find an excuse. I know. Shut up.  I've be been very busy.In February I took a two week trip to Tucson to do the To Bead True Blue bead show.
 Okay so now it's May and almost June, maybe that's not such a good excuse anymore. 
Well I am back.
Something recently happened that reminded me that I am important and the  things I do are important, not in a Dalai Lama-Marie Curie-Joan of Arc sort of way, but in my own little teeny tiny way, the art I make matters. The art everyone makes matters. 

Last month, a local art teacher asked me to speak to her 1st and 5th graders about what I do and about being an artist. The kids were great, I was entertaining  and exhausting. God bless the teachers who do this day after day.They were interested, they asked great questions.  A boy in the front row ate a rubber-band. It was pretty awesome.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago:
I am walking my dog down the street with Arlo the freakishly large Boston Terrier. I came upon a group of kids and like always, Arlo got attention. As I passed   a girl called out "Excuse me, but were you the artist that came and talked at my school?" I stopped and turned to them. "Yes,I am".   One of the girls said "I told you it was HER!" 
I felt like a rock star. But more importantly those kids remembered who I was because we talked about art and how important it was to make things with their own hands and that art matters. 
So I am back, & I promise to write more often.