Sunday, May 22, 2011

do over challenge

Last month I got a strange package in the mail. I get small packages delivered to my home all the time, things I buy for beading, other supplies, etc., so when I opened this package I don't remember what I was expecting, but it wasn't this PINK and (I'm sorry Jeannie) rather hideous necklace and earrings set.

I was perplexed and slightly flummoxed. ( I have been waiting for a chance to use that word.)
I was thinking this was a gift from some strange beady internet stalker and then I got the brilliant idea to read the note in the envelope. Yes! that was a real stroke of brilliance on my part.
It had slipped my mind that I was participating in THE DO-OVER CHALLENGE

Well I can say this necklace real needed a d0 over- but WHAT to do?
It was sooooooo PINK. Not a lot to work with. Not my color scheme, not my style at all.
I quickly put it back in the envelope and refused to think about it until this week.
Well they call it a challenge for a reason.
But now my camera is acting funky & I can't get my photos off it this morning.
My husband will be home later tonight with the other camera & I will have to wait till then to reveal my Do-Over creation. So tonight when you are watching Celebrity Apprentice and waiting for when the Donald provides the birth certificate for the yellow thing on his head - remember to check back here & see what I came up with- technology willing-


  1. Holy hot pink, Batman! Can't wait to see how you reinvented this...fingers crossed that the second camera works!

  2. Oooh, challenging. I can't wait to see what you make of all that pink. By the way, SO - who has been promised a bead budget of his very own - and I will be at B&B on Sat/Sun. See you soon!