Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waiting for something to happen

Fall is here with change all around me, yet I am feeling stuck.  
For the second time in 3 weeks my laptop  is in for repair. There are things I need to do like list a ton of things on Etsy, but it takes time and a computer. Right now I am sharing a computer with my husband & daughter. It  is not an ideal situation & I am hoping my mac book will be home soon.
Yes, its worth it to  buy the Apple Care extended warranty. The  hard drive died 1 week after the original warranty expired. They replaced the hard drive &  just as I started to reorganize my life the screen went blank and it died again. I am very sad, very sad. 
And for the second time in as many weeks I feel like crap again with another nasty respiratory bug. 
I hate to complain, but I feel frustrated and stifled right now. There are things I want to do. 
I will end with a public service announcement: Please back up your files before something goes terribly wrong. Yep i learned the hard way.


  1. Does it help that I've felt your misery when my IMAC died last March? Most things were backed up, but not a long worked on book manuscript.
    Its been that kind of year.

    You have my utmost sympathy and empathy.

    Carolyn Croll
    (Fellow beader & on Etsy as well)

    PS I love your work

  2. Carol, Thank you for your solidarity in my misery!