Wednesday, September 14, 2011

stuff in your soup

I am in a better mood so I will show you what my bead soup that Jen Judd sent me  really looks like.

Its funny how you think you know what you want but  you really don't always know whats good for you. The things that you want don't always stretch you or make you grow. Sometimes the stuff that lands in your head or in your soup looks weird but tastes delicious. (Really don't eat anything that has landed on your head, or in your soup. I can't be responsible.)  I have learned that a lot lately.

But this is about my bead soup. Which is sort of about what you want and what you don't want? I was literally overwhelmed by the goodies Jen  sent me. In particular the focal bead.  It is fabulous. How could I not be inspired? And some of the other fabulous beads  that went with it were like  JACKPOT!~! I was excited the moment I saw them. Some of the beads however made me stop and think What the hell was I going to do with them.  Half the beads were in my comfort zone, but half of them were not!  It's the same feeling you get when you get half way finished with the easy part of a jigsaw puzzle and the pieces that are left  sitting on the table just make your head spin.
But sometimes stepping back and looking away can do wonders.  The other half of the puzzle showed itself when I wasn't expecting it. It all came together in my head. And now I think I am more excited by the beads that were the extra puzzle pieces.  I can see how they fit. Now I just have to  put it together.
The bead soup reveal is coming!  Sept 17! oh crap, thats this Saturday. I better get busy!


  1. I liked that 2nd paragraph quite a bit and have been feeling it (and I love your soup!)

  2. Cool! I should've looked here earlier...I'm so glad you can use most of it!