Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A New Year has Begun!

Well like all things the New Year is starting out as a mixed bag. I need a new transmission in my car -but I am busy with beads orders- & I am excited about a few special projects I am working on. Now if I only had the energy to finish taking down my Christmas tree & put away all the ornaments I might actually feel like I've accomplished something.
The problem with putting away all the Holiday items is there is just so little to celebrate in Michigan in the gray months of winter. I have already decided I am having a Chinese New Year Party in February to break up the winter doldrums. It is going to be the year of the rat. Since we seem to be blessed with rats in the hood & more specifically in my studio- (Most recently Ollie the Christmas Rat) yet another rat story for another time- I think Its only fitting that I should acknowledge the beasts.


  1. Oh no! A rat friend? He must have seen all the cute clay squirrels and birds with party hats on in your studio, and wanted to crash the party!

    It is grey lately, isn't it? But this warm wave is really odd...

  2. I used to hate this time of year - winter always feels too long by now and spring isn't in sight yet. Then I met my husband who has a birthday in early February and my son was born right around now, too. At least we have some reason to celebrate now! I love your idea of holding a Chinese New Year's party.