Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm not sure where inspiration comes from it is as elusive as the man in the moon sometimes. There seem to be many dark nights and then suddenly there it is, smiling down on you.
Tonight as I sat doing busy work, filling orders. My dog Kirby came in from the outdoors. He pawed at my leg for attention, so I began to talk to him. It was just nonsense, the sort of things I always say to him. But he didn't care. He looked at me with his sweet brown eyes, just beaming happiness (probably because he had pooped in the backyard) and it suddenly came to me; the design problem I had been wrestling with for the week.
BAM! Inspiration! Like the moon popping out of a cloud. It was simple and beautiful and unexpected. Maybe this is how Kirby felt.
Thank you Kirby! (That must have been a really good poop!)

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