Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yes there is still bad fung shui here. It is cleaner but still headache inducing.
This is where I am supposed to work.
The problem is it doesn't have any doors, it is in the corner of the family room.
I really need peace and quiet which I don't have any of while the "family" is present.


  1. Hi I understand what you mean I just moved my little 'studio' into the attic just to grab some sort of peaceful space to create.

  2. I wish I had an attic. I would escape there too!
    Damn ranch houses, can't go up or down!

  3. Just saw a lovely idea for a work area on one of the other Blogfest participants, I'm thinking of using it, it may work out for you too. She uses a computer hide away.

  4. Very Organic! I like it :)

    I'll share my corner whit you

  5. My 'studio' is about as big as a small walk in closet - and I do mixed media and fiber work, as well as beads. Something is always falling...