Friday, May 07, 2010

Not dead, just sleeping...

I have been neglecting my blog and all my interwebs lately. I assure you I am not dead, just a bit frazzled. I am a mom and a wife and a person and an artist and sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day.
But here is a quick run down of the last few weeks.
I did the Suburban Bead Encounter in Naperville. Sales were not great but it was a nice show & got to see a lot of cool beads & wonderful peeps.
I have been working on a new backdrop display for my husbands (Doug Spalding in case you don't know) art fair both. He doesn't sew, so I get to do it for him.
He is at the Laumeier art fair in St Louis this weekend. So we'll see how this new backdrop works out.
I have also been busy making beads & getting ready for the crazy bead show/art-fair schedule ahead.
So, I a still alive and ticking. Just a bit stretched.
Not to mention the sick dog, the kid on the bike who got hit by the car right in front of me ( he was OK, but i had a freaking heart attack) and the kitchen pipes so rusted they crumbled into pieces when I whacked them with my hand digging for the upholstery cleaner under the sink to clean up the mess the sick dog made.
Some days its really hard to be inspired.

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  1. i hear ya sistah.

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