Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Muddy Sunday

At the risk of riling my dead ancestors, I'd like to talk about the humblest of flowers, the orange daylily. (Hemerocallis for you latin lovers).

My Nana did not like them because she thought they were common flowers that grew in ditches and on my father's side my Grandma did not like them because she was a hot tempered Irish Catholic who despised all things orange and would go so far as to knock their heads off when she passed them because she assumed they were all protestant "PUPS".

I confess during my first years of gardening I didn't hold the daylily in high esteem. It was the flower of last resort when nothing else would grow in a particular spot. The humble daylily never let me down.

I have come to admire and resect them for their beauty and reliability and for their optimism. They open at sunrise and wither at sunset, and the very next morning a replacement flower steps in and does it all over again without complaint.
Simple and humble and strong, the common daylily has earned my respect.

Here are more humble flowers, these ones are my high fired stoneware buttons. I have listed some on Etsy, but will special orders too.


  1. Nana sounds like a character indeed!!! I love it:D Our yard is loaded with daylilys, I'm crazy for the color. I love your little flowers here-just can't get enough of the red/turquoise combination!!

  2. Great stroll down memory lane Diane! I have to chuckle... because I understand that hot-tempered Irish woman 110% LOL.

    I do love daylilies though... you are right, they will never let you down. I went through and "addiction" of sorts where I had to have one in every color... so I have a huge assortment that now bloom happiness every day!

    Have a wonderful week!