Monday, May 28, 2012


I wasn't sure if I was going to write about this, but I've had some time to process things and  I have decided to share it. 
This past week I have been getting ready for Bead and Button. Mostly through a benadryl induced fog, after I broke out in mystery hives. 
I had to get work done for the show, but it was slow going and thank goodness a lot of what I do doesn't require much more skill then a helper monkey, so I plodded through. 
It was perhaps this time spent focusing on specific things I needed to accomplish that made me able to  move forward. 
A few weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that someone was selling a type of beads on Etsy that looked like mine. So much like mine that at first I wondered if they were perhaps mine, but they were not.  They just looked so incredibly close to mine that I could have been fooled. 
That was not the only thing that threw me. I have known this bead maker for years. I like her, she is a good person and someone I  would call a friend. 
So  I sent her a email about it, I was not angry, I was more confused and knocked off kilter more then anything. She sent a thoughtful response.  We did not see eye to eye on this particular issue and things were left as they had stood before. And I thought about it for a long time.  I thought about energy I have and how I wanted to spend it. I decided that I would move on and not dwell.  I can't control what other people do and for better or worse I am responsible only for what I do. 
So I am focused on moving forward, moving my work forward and finding new ways to do what I do. 
It so  much more exciting  and liberating then worrying about what other people do



  1. I am sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well and hope that by the time B&B comes around you will be running at 100%.

    Having someone copy your work isn't fun but it will push you in a new direction, so sorry to hear it is by someone you thought was your friend. The same thing has happened :(

  2. I'm sorry you have been sick. When the clock is ticking it's hard enough to concentrate and then to be on meds as well - yuck.

    Congratulations on taking the high ground with your competition. You have enough to concentrate on without carrying the burden of resentment. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but not fun to be on the receiving end of.

  3. So upsetting to see your work style imitated so closely that you possibly think it may be your own. Even more so since it is someone you know! But your are SO right, if they know where you stand, your energy is best spent to further your art. Best wishes for a successful B&B! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. Hi Diane, Stress is no friend and I am sure your discovery didn't help. How upsetting. It seems to be going around. I could take a lesson from your calm and cool response! I've been in knots over a similar issue. Difficult for both sides. Your work is amazing, so I can see why this person is "inspired". Family and a glass of sangria has been my "benadryl"! Have a great show!

    P.S. I keep having to fend off my kids from sneaking off with my "Buster"! Love him!

  5. You have a lovely attitude about it all. And I love the beads you're showing, and can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  6. wow. nothing worse than it being a friend! i hope they "see the light" soon and realize how wrong that is.
    It was so great to see you this weekend. YOu are one of my most favorite people in our bead world. xo