Wednesday, November 07, 2012

2 things never to mention.

This will be my last political message (for now anyway)
I am lucky to  have lots of friends from  various parts of my life. I have knitting friends, I have artist friends, I have dog rescue friends and Boston Terrier nut friends, I have PTA mom friends and I have misc friends and some that are all of the above.
I have friends that are deeply religious and friends that are not.These friends all have their own  belief system and moral code. They are atheists, pagans, wiccans, Catholic and Protestant and Buddhist. 
My life is richer for knowing all of these people.
Some of them have political beliefs to the left of mine and some of them  have political beliefs to the right of mine and some are right in the middle. 
I don't need to agree with someone on everything to be their friend. I realize not everybody has the insight to know that I am always right about everything, but they are still good people.
There is nothing I enjoy more then an intelligent conversation about life and politics, especially with people who see things from another perspective.

What I don't like is the tone that some people have taken regarding this election, claiming God was on their side or that the other side hates God. 
None of the people I know voted for Obama because they were God hating socialists. People voted because they cared deeply about their country and their government. Yep we love our country too.

After 8 years of being reared by nuns I came away with a few things besides swollen knuckles.  I learned 2 major lessons about Jesus, you know the guy who divided  food evenly amongst the crowd and healed the sick. One was something about throwing stones, and the other one was about loving your neighbor. 
So lets get one thing straight, God did not take sides in this  election or the candidates.

Jesus didn't come down here to vote. If Jesus had been here he probably would have gotten back on his donkey and headed back to Bethlehem  to get away from all the people who claim to be speaking for him and dragging him into this mess.  
So lets get back to being Americans, yes we also consider ourselves to be Americans and patriots, and remember why we are friends and work together solving problems, because we really all share the same hopes and dreams  for our country, we just approach it from different sides. 


  1. Spot on. Thank you for speaking out so eloquently. Yes, indeed, lets just get back to the lessons about stones and love. Let's get back to being fellow Americans and do it together.

  2. I agree with you completely!