Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blue Bracelet Blog Hop!

                                                  7,000 Bracelets of Hope

Here is my contribution to 7,000 Bracelets of


Only 6,999 to go!

7,000 Bracelets of Hope is a project of   Global Genes.  The blue bracelets are to help raise awareness of rare genetic diseases. 
Each bracelet  is given to a family fighting a rare and genetic diseases

 Here's a link to their donation page if you feel you can donate a blue bracelet for the cause!

Global Genes Bracelet Donation Page!And here's a list of all the participants!  Please stop by their blogs and give them a little love and support!  And THANK YOU to all who participated!  


  1. really beautiful love the beads

  2. So pretty, those beads are awesome

  3. Love how you put your beads together in a great casual style, Diane!

  4. These beads are so perfect for this cause! Receiving this bracelet will certainly make the recipient's day...week...month! Beautiful!

  5. Love the message bead/charm you included in the bracelet. So pretty!

  6. Diane, that's a gorgeous bracelet and I love your message beads! The recipient will be very lucky to receive this! Thank you so much for participating!