Sunday, October 27, 2013

hello there

It's been along time since I've written my blog. I    I'd like to say it's because I've been doing some really exciting things and I just haven't had the time but the truth is I don't really have any reason other than I'm terribly lazy and  not very ambitious.
OK I have been really busy but that's always the case. I don't get much time to just sit  and breathe. A husband, a tween, an old dog with dementia, a younger dog who is just "special",  business, a life, you get the picture. You can probably relate.   I really don't have anything to say other then and then I've been either working, working or working on something, except when I'm sleeping, and then I am usually very busy in my dreams. As the holidays approach I will be even busier just barely hanging on to my sanity by a thread.  I have some things in my Etsy shop and I'll try to list more as the holidays get closer.       
Here are my upcoming events: 

The Ridge Fine Art and Handmade Wares Show

November 16th, Saturday at the Drayton Ave Presbyterian Church, 
 2441 Pinecrest Dr
FerndaleMI 48220

Annual Home Show
Nov 23, & 24
Royal Oak MI

Detroit Urban Craft Fair
Dec 7th and 8th
Masonic Temple,  Detroit

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