Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Bead Fairy

 Once upon a time there was a a crazy bead lady. That's like a crazy cat lady but without all the fur balls.   This bead Lady was very busy and had much work to do because she was going to a bead show in a far away sunny place called Tucson. 
One night after staying up very late and working very very hard, she heard a sort of sparklly jingle noise. It was the bead fairy come to do all her work during the night while she slept. The next day the crazy Bead Lady woke up to her amazement all of her beads were finished all of her things were packed up and there was a nice cup of  cinnamon latte waiting for her. The end.

This  really didn't happen, but a girl can dream. 

It's only a few days before I leave for Tucson. It's the point where I start to go on a little bit mad. There suddenly seems to be so much I have to get done and there's only so much time left. I keep waiting for the bead fairy to show up and help me finish something. Maybe tonight.

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