Monday, May 17, 2010

Just working away.

I've been a busy working away. I don't get out much when I'm getting ready for shows.
Here is some work that I haven't had time to list on Etsy.
Bead and Button is fast approaching and I want to really rock the show this time.
Also if anyone is going to be there and wants to give me a bathroom break, please let me know!


  1. omg these are just soooo awesome. i love them all!! You are going to rock B&B. not to worry! Please let me know if you want to lighten your load and sell a few of these off BEFORE you go!! :)

  2. These are the coolest Diane! I wouldn't worry about rockin the show, I'd say you got it girl!! Love Love Love these!!!

  3. I'll give you a bathroom break! I'll be there on Saturday for a few hours. Of course, I love the lock I picked up from you at Suburban Bead Bazaar. And believe it or not, I've already used the flower button!

  4. Hey there - Brian is staying home but I'll be at B&B with Lillian again and showing with Glass Act. Not taking any classes - so I can give you a break. I'll stop by on Friday and give you a cell phone number - or look up the home phone in the "Guild" book.
    Sharon Driscoll