Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunday Muddy Sunday

This is a yellow Iris that smells like powdered lemonade mix.

Ha ha! Made you sniff the screen!

This post is the first in a series of Sunday posts on my blog inspired by my garden.
It is the end of May and things are in bloom. I live in Michigan, incase you need to be reminded, things in bloom are a big deal here. It is a short and sweet season of gardening in this area.
I love my garden. I love all gardens. They are magical places to me. They are spiritual. They are my church. They are where I feel connected to all creation.
So I decided to devote one blogging day a week to my garden and its inspiration.
This is not going to be a how to or a source of practical knowledge about plants and planting, although I do have some knowledge of things, but rather a celebration of plants and bugs and flowers and dirt.
This is one of the things that feeds my creativity. Something deep and profound happens in a place where you collaborate with nature.

I wish you really could smell this.
its a bouquet of some of my earliest blooming roses.
Zephirine Drouhin, Therese Bugnet, Reine de Violettes, and Clotilde Soupert
along with the remaining Korean lilacs.
It is heaven.


  1. Wonderful pics Dianne! I look forward to walking through your garden online with you weekly! I had so many pictures of my garden I started a blog just for them... I too feel that connection with nature. Stop by my garden blog too for a walk or two...

  2. Mmmm .. I can almost smell them. Are they purfumy or citrus-like?

  3. Marsha I will enjoy sharing your garden.
    Natalie the Iris smells like a sweet citrus.