Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Muddy Sunday

Ok it's really Monday, I know, but it's a 3-day weekend so give me a break.
This is a picture of my deck & yes I know it needs refinishing, but I'm busy, so give me another break there.
That fabulous rose is called Zepherine Drouhin. It is bourbon climber, nearly thornless and wonderfully fragrant.

Later in the season it will look like crap. it is a martyr to black spot. (Not the kind Pirates get, the kind rose bushes get).
I won't spray, so I live with it.

Anyway, I LOVE the pink color of this rose. It is actually officially called "cerise" and it demands to be noticed. It is not a sissy pink. If Cerise were a girl she could kick your ass without breaking her nails.

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  1. Lovely Pink, and I enjoyed your sharing on Watch Me Create this morning. I think your planter people will definitely come to life!!