Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Muddy Sunday

Sometimes things in Life are not as perfect as you'd like. One of my favorite roses "Pat Austin" was ravaged by sawfly larva. But it still opened and smelled amazing despite its troubles.
This past week for me has sort of been ravaged by cosmic sawfly larva. I am leaving for Bead and Button on Weds. I am supposed to be farther ahead in my preparations.
I planned well but the universe had other ideas. This week has been a series of misadventures and of little things going awry, highlighted by my dog getting into the medicine cabinet and opening a bottle of grape flavored children's ibuprofen and licking up the contents. Which meant my day was spent with an emergency vet visit instead of finishing up bisque ware for the show.
So I am trying to find the beauty in imperfection and reminding myself that we just have to do the best we can under the circumstances, even with cosmic sawfly larva.

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  1. Hopefully the roses will survive to bloom another year. Glad you took a moment to snap a picture and smell them... then hurry about your day! You can only get done what you are meant to finish... Then again, Dave's advise is "work smart, not hard". I have tried to focus on that here and there, but it isn't very easy with so many pretty shiny things all about (especially in the garden right now!). Have fun at B&B - Travel Safe!