Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday sunny Monday

I did not write my Sunday post because, quite simply with all this heat, everything is thin and crispy (including my brain cells).
We did however get a glorious thunderstorm overnight which seemed to revive things.
Next week I will be setting up for the Ann Arbor Summer fair. So if you happen to be in town:
I will be in Booth 194 on Main St. in front of Palios Italian Restaurant.
I will trade beads for iced coffee drinks!

So between now and then I will be working at a manic pace and won't have much time for the interwebs.
But I will leave you with a link to Beads of Clay where I am the featured artist for the month of July. And I am adding two items to their ETSY store.

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  1. The heat is killing me, too. I tried to torch yesterday but it was 92 in my studio, even with my little A/C gamely trying to counteract my having to have the double doors open.