Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ok I seriously suck

Ok, I suck. It has been 28 days since my last blog post.
I feel like I should be doing a mea culpa.
The problem is my life just hasn't been that interesting. I have been busy making beads, filling a large order, getting my daughter settled back in school, taking the my poor 12 year old dog to the vet (does anyone really want me to blog about his stuffy gallbladder & flatulence?)

And the honest truth I have been in a funk. I have been so busy with production and all mundane things life requires that I haven't had time to be really be inspired.
This is the dilemma of the artist that relies on making a living with her craft. Too often it leaves little time to explore new things.
I am hoping that as this new month begins I will be able to have fun again.

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  1. Woah - that's a lot of beads lady!!! And dog farts are funny (so happy that there isn't smell internet yet) - well, they are when it's not associated with Vet visits (poor guy…). I love the picture of the milkweed type plant seed pod. Ours are bursting too, and before all this rain settled in, Chloe was jumping around trying to catch the ones that would blow about… Hope you find your muse again soon… Wish we lived closer to galavant about a bit together. I think we would have a blast!

  2. Great photo of inside of your kiln. I enjoy your posts whenever they happen.

  3. Thank you both. & Marsha if we did live closer we would definitely have some fun.

  4. Inspiration is an elusive devil, isn't it?

  5. I think dog farts are kinda funny too. I have two dogs and laugh pretty much whenever they happen. Except when they are sitting next to me. That's a serious load of beads!

  6. I have to admit Buster is a fart gag comedian. I do get a big laugh out of it when he turns around and looks for them.

  7. Anonymous4:40 PM

    YOu definatley don't suck...and from one gassy dog owner to another...(I've got a Boston too) cut yourself some slack. Life happens--to all of matter how "creative" we are supposed to be...sometimes life sucks...:) hope you are doing well....your work always inspires....light and love-amanda---ps...gas defense from nutri-vet has helped our air quality :)