Thursday, November 04, 2010

November is here

November is here. The leaves are still falling, but so is the temperature. Its time for that short burst of frenzied holiday shows and stocking galleries that are still talking to me.
The only consolation to this madness is I have a legitimate excuse to play with glitter. I really don't need an excuse to play with glitter, but just in case my kid goes to school sparkling like a disco hootchie, I might need an explanation.

Besides the approaching winter, the other change around here is Arlo.
He is my new Boston Terrier.
Arlo was a day away from execution at a kill shelter in Tennessee when he was pulled by a rescue and flown to Louisville by Pilots and Paws.
Last Saturday he was transported by three different volunteers up to central OH were we pick him up and brought him home.
We were lucky we found him and he is lucky he made it out alive.
I wish there were not so many who run out of luck too quickly.

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  1. look at that mom loves bostons..