Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Admitting you have a problem is the first step...

Here it is, no sugar coating it. I spent last Sunday at Ayla's Bead Bazaar. My table was next to JC Pearls. They had 3 tables, so that's 18 feet of pure pearl goodness. It was like putting Martha Stewart next to a vendor full of color coordinated cocktail fork organizers. They kept calling my name.... Diane....Diane....
I have had a thing for pearls nice I was a girl. They are my birthstone and symbol of the moon, ever so gently reflecting light back to you.
Ok, it was like putting Anthony Bourdain in a room full of shark testicles cooked in butter. I could not help myself. I had to have some. I really cannot afford to be buying more pearls & the sales were not the kind that make me feel like "hey you can do something nice for yourself today". They were more like "ummmm... booth fee + hotel room + gas + food = oh shit, I better fill my Etsy store".
But looking in the bright side I reasoned with myself, (since I am a reasonable person) I really do want to design more finished jewelry & heck I could do some kick ass designs with these little beauties.
So I succumbed. What can I say? They were so pretty.


  1. I hear ya! Welcome to the beady club :)

  2. Problem? What problem???

  3. LOL about Andrew -- I can easily say I've NEVER heard that comparison before!