Monday, November 15, 2010

time to change, time to shine

I have been thinking a lot about change lately. Its easy to do what works and not risk failure. As an artist there is a trap in being successful. You begin to get too comfortable.
I feel ready to change a lot of things. It is exhilarating and sad too. I will be saying goodbye to some things that I have done for a long time that are almost a part of me, like chopping off pretty long hair because you have hung on to it for so long you forget what made you grow it out in the first place, but you know you really wanted it at some point.
I will be placing a lot of beads on Etsy at special prices for the Holidays to move a lot of my stock. I am not sure what my beads will look like next year, but I know there will be changes.

Also, I have been making these "spirit dolls" or figures like this one for many years. People have loved and collected them, and I have been very fortunate to have found a following with them. But all things come to an end. And I don't think I will make any more of these. Or if I do they will be in a different and yet to be explored incarnation.
Anyway, you have a chance to acquire one of these figures before they are gone. I have just a few left in my stock and I have decided that I would like to use the opportunity to do some good as I let this work go.

So stay tuned I'll announce how you can get one of the last of these and help a fellow artist with his enormous medical bills.

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  1. Making changes is always scary, but just think of all the adventures you have ahead of you!