Sunday, February 13, 2011

Desk Disaster Friday

OK, I know its Sunday afternoon, not Friday, but if you will recall from my last Desk Disaster post I have CD (chronic disorganization). Its a syndrome. Don't judge.
I do want to report that I actually spent an hour cleaning this week. I set a timer. I
have my limits.
In all honesty a box of things got knocked down when I was letting the dog out. Assorted beads and bead paraphernalia went rolling across the floor which inspired a dose of stink eye from my husband. Don't get me started. He hardly has room to stink eye anybody. He doesn't even have a syndrome unless you count testosterone as an affliction, but I digress.
I did make some progress cutting through a small slice of chaos.
You can actually see "table" on my table.

I am gathering up many orphans and vagabonds and will have a giant sale when they are sorted.

Have you made any progress in your attempt to address your mess? or are you just going with the flow?