Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Coffee Cup

 Good Morning.  I have decided to make some Sunday morning posts talking about my coffee cup. I know you are saying "why the fuck do  I care about your coffee cup?" (Unless you don't swear like a  sailor like I do)  So let me 'splain.
I enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, which is a nice way to say 'addiction is a disease and I turn into a werewolf  without it'.  And more importantly, I have the most kick ass collection of mugs, and I don't have anything else to say. Ok I do, but when I say things like "there are no jobs in my uterus" some people are alienated and other people are confused because they think I might be hiring.

So let me tell you about my coffee mugs:
They are special and magical. They are hand made by real people called potters. The fact that they are handmade by  people who took a lump of clay (which is like mud and comes from the earth, incase you didn't know) and used their own hands to transform and refine this lump into something of beauty and usefulness, endows this object with a kind energy  and spirit that mass produced products objects cannot possess. 
New Age Mumbo Jumbo crap, you say! But when you hold a handmade work it is a different experience then holding a mass produced object.  I ain't making this shit up.
There is some kind of  good juju in an object crafted with affection and commitment.  This is something that most people in this world have forgotten to experience.  They are disconnected from the objects they touch everyday which in turn disconnects them from their own vitality. That connection can set the mood for their entire day.That is why it is so important for people to continue to make things using their own hands. And for other people to experience that bliss through handmade things.  It is a thing that connects people to their world and themselves.

 So this morning I am drinking my coffee out of a mug by Ed Brownlee
He is a very cool dude with awesome pottery. I am happy to say we have a few wonderful pieces of his work.  

If you live in the south central Pennsylvania area, you can visit his studio and others on  the weekend of Nov 5 and 6. it is a great chance to add something special and handmade to your life, or to gift someone else with a bit of good juju.


  1. freaking love you.
    this post is awesome.
    and now i will shop
    for a new handmade mug.


  2. I couldn't free with you more! (And I have 'curse like a sailor' days, myself!) My cabinet is filled with OOAK mugs, and I have sent my mugs to friends in San Diego and Sydney. Which is saying' something' as I rarely throw. Clay is earth and water, cured by air and tempered by fire. The spirit of the creator imbued in the piece is the last elemental component. So there!