Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday Morning Cup of Coffee

This Sunday's coffee mug is by my friend Lavinia  of Alma Pottery.
As you can see from this picture my bead table is full of projects. I have deadlines for the holidays and I have been trying to keep up.  I should do another Desk Disaster Friday post. It's been a while.

This Holiday season is a little different for me then seasons past. I am no longer doing a big show that I was associated with for more then 20 years. They chose to be scoundrels, so I chose to leave the show.
I may be a hooligan, but never a scoundrel.
So his year I am filling galleries  and will concentrate on website and etsy to get me through the season.

Change is good. Change is exciting. I used to be afraid of change in my life, but now I embrace it.
Even change that comes painfully and at a cost can bring you to new exciting possibilities.
I wonder what it feels like to be a caterpillar. Do they know what is in store for them, or are they taken by surprise? Do they embrace the change or do they fear and resent it? Do they even know that anything is happening?
Maybe they look forward to it like a kid looks forward to getting his drivers license?  Is it a rite of passage? Do the other caterpillars throw a party?
Is the butterfly scared when it comes out from the cocoon, or is it excited to feel its wings?

I am rambling, but if I ever come back as a caterpillar  I will blog about it.

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  1. I like your rambling. I find it hard to embrace change as well. But when I do it is quite exciting like your butterfly unfolding its wings from the cocoon.