Sunday, January 01, 2012

Good Riddence Rotten Rabbit!

The first day of 2012 has been crazy windy outside. I half expect to see a cow blowing  by the window. Or maybe in my hood a rat would be more likely.

But is all good. This wind is blowing away the last of the bad juju from 2011. There was a lot of bad juju to blow away.  2011 was the  year  of the rabbit. I find it hard to imagine a little bunny  having such a nasty streak.  But I suppose there must be very bad rabbits. 

Evil Bunnies  ATTACK!!!

I will be the first to admit not everything that happened in 2011 was bad, as a matter of fact for every hard thing thrown my way I was able to find some goodness.
When people  in my life chose drama over reason, it allowed me to see them for what they really were instead of what I wanted them to be. Seeing clearly is a gift, even when the picture isn't as petty as you'd like.
When my husband and I walked away from our 25 yr. involvement in a large holiday show, rather then go along with someone's deceitfulness and manipulation, we walked away from a large part of our yearly income without any plan B. But we stood together and hopefully made an impression on our 10 year old daughter that right thing to do isn't always the easy thing to do. And we found out  that real friends have your back even when it's not the safest thing. 
When I lost my beloved Buster after 13 years of being best friends, people reached out with so much kindness and sympathy that I knew I was not alone in my grief.
And everything that happened this year made me stronger  and I hope wiser.

January 23 starts the Chinese year of the dragon.  The dragon is sacred, and symbolizes strength, luck and new beginnings.  That sounds pretty good to me.


  1. I'm ready...i was born in the year of the hoping this will be a fortunate year..that dang rabbit was kicking us in 2011

  2. it really is something how challenging last year was for so many - like you, i tried to meet the challenges with grace, find the good and keep moving... but dang, i am tired... very excited about the dragon - wishing you a wonderful year... and good for you for setting the example for your child - actions do speak louder than words...

  3. I for one, being a peson who can never get to a big bead show, am hoping that we will see more of your marvelously quirky art on Etsy and your site. I know, selfish. beads!!!