Thursday, June 28, 2012


I lined up the latest batch of my house beads to photograph and I liked the picture so much I thought I would like to live there.
In a tiny town made up of tiny houses in all kinds of mad color, none of them too straight but all of them happy places.
I would have artist neighbors with happy studios  and a liquor store. Dogs would poop out flowers and flowers would grow even if you forgot to water them.
All the animals would be well cared for and loved. There would be no scary people and no crime.  Everything would be solar powered and the water would be pure and clean. Having roomfuls of beads would not count as hoarding. And you could shout out VAGINA and no one would care.


  1. I'd love to live in your neighborhood!
    You're houses are so cute! I love the wonderful colors!

  2. This is too wonderful; you are imaginative, bold, funny and I love your posts, Joan T

  3. I second Shelby Foxwell's comment! Sounds like a fun neighborhood, especially the dogs pooping flowers. My husband and I really like that concept as the clean up is our least favorite part of our dog walks! Love the to your Etsy shop!

  4. A friend of mine has long talked about making a real life ceramic house to live in (she had met a desert family that did this. Fired and everything!). I may have to send her one of yours in the meantime...they are adorable!

  5. Let me know when I can move in!!
    Your houses are so sweet!

  6. You are CRAZY but I'd live next door to you without a second your profile too-troublmaker! going to Bead Fest? Loved to meet your silly butt!