Monday, July 30, 2012

Its been a while...

I realize I haven't updated my blog for an entire month.
I have  good excuse. I was busy. 
July means one thing in my household, Ann Arbor!
My husband and I both have booths in the Ann Arbor Art Fair and between getting ready for the event and then recovering, the month is pretty well shot.
Besides my beads, I have jewelry and my sculptural work. It is a lot to wrap my head around.

It is strange how things come together sometimes and the universe lines them up in front of you.
Remember my last post about wanting to live in my bead house village?  (That is assuming you even read my last post) I had a notion about living in my clay houses. That would require a kiln large enough to fire a dwelling... details! Details!
I did make houses large enough for a fairy or a leprechaun community. Well, I assume they are big enough, not ever seeing either one while I was sober. I can only surmise. Unfortunately this inspiration came a week before the show and I had to work like a crazy person to get them finished. I was very impressed with myself when I opened the kiln. It made me almost slaphappy to see that things actually came out of the kiln better then I had imagined in my head when I was making them.

Along with the houses I was happy overall with my sculptures. I only wish I had more time to explore some ideas. Every little bit I do pushes me forward a little bit and I like the path I'm headed down.  If there were only more hours in a day or if  had a personal assistant, I could do so much more.
Does anybody want to work for beads? 


  1. If I can move into one of those houses next to you (so we can pour each other wine through the windows to each other) I would love to be your clay assistant :)

    I am pretty freaking giddy over your artwork. LOVE your beads - but WOW - all those awesome sculptures! OMG - Wow!!!

  2. SO AMAZING! Would I be lucky enough? Were there any left over? Etsy? Seriously! I haven't given my friend her mini house yet... Hmmmm... LOVELY!

  3. I would definitely work for your beads Diane! Absolutely love those pixie houses. Just awesome, especially the wee birdies on the top!

  4. I would love to live in one of your houses:) Love my house from you:)

  5. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I can be over in a second. Will work for beads. Will make funky beads with you. Will knit funky beads into funky knitted stuff. We should have a play date! Really! Could be big trouble!!!

  6. I would all my beadie friends to be neighbors in my little houses . That would be awesome!
    I will try to get some listed on Etsy maybe later this week.
    Thanks everyone.