Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'mmm Baaack!

I've been back from Bead and  button  for  a couple of weeks now. 
It always takes a while to decompress after a big show like that. Of course I cam home and the house was a mess.  I left it a mess when I departed, but thats beside the point.
Seriously where are all the elves to clean up your shit like in the fairy tails? 

I had a wonderful time, saw lots of old friends, made some  new friends and bought these beautiful beads from Beads  Direct.

 There is no way to capture the beauty of these gems in a photo, but I tried.
 Several of these have a luscious  AB coating that makes them seem almost magical.

 Leslie and  Mary own the company and they are  most wonderful people to deal with. Leslie is always helpful, pointing out wonderful stones I may heave over looked. Haha thanks Leslie!
These are all the beads  I bought at the show, but I don't feel bead  deprived. This time it was all about getting some great quality gems for jewelry designs.
 I have the Ann  Arbor Summer Fair next month so I had better get busy  with some new designs.

OK off to the studio I go...


  1. Yummilicious! And if those elves to visit you, please send them to me after.

  2. Oh wow! I'm not usually big on an AB coating, but on these gems it sure looks pretty cool.